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Europe’s Nr. 4. most impressive Advent fair awaits its visitors at the Basilica

The Advent Fair opens its gates again this year from November 23rd at the St. Stephens’s Basilica eighth time in a row.

This event is considered to be the fourth most beautiful Christmas fairs on the old continent according to Europeans. Besides the unique 3D light paint projected on the facade of the Basilica, the spectacular and adventurous seasonal meeting point offers a free skating ring, special hand crafted items, local food and drink specialties until January 1st.

The creators of the event are proud of the Advent Feast at the Basilica being listed amongst the top 5 in Europe. The carefully prepared venue and programs are to grant the visitors the cozy ambience they love to return to year by year at this magical social scenery. The joyful crowd of the skating ring, the luxurious lights and the Christmas aromas create the holiday atmosphere where the excitement of getting in the Christmas mood can settle in. 

The quality and uniqueness of the products available was important when selecting the exhibitors. In the chalets we can meet new wave contemporary artists and their hand crafted items that bear the traits of traditions combined with a modern approach. The gastronomic palette is also wide and manifold: everyone can find his/her favorite bites and hot drinks. The organizers also thought of those with food allergies, so they invited caterers who offer vegetarian, gluten free, diabetic and vegan dishes, as well.

Several special programs for children and adults, like arts and crafts, flash mobs, dance and music performances and other surprises will await the visitors.

The Fair is an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to donate, help those in need. The Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been a partner of the event for seven years. This year, to their call, many activists, diplomats and celebrities joined to bake thousands of gingerbread hearts at the Fair’s bakery to raise funds for charity.

On the public poll of the European Best Destination the Advent Fair at the Basilica was again listed amongst the top 20 nominees of best destinations as the only Hungarian event and might even win a trophy this year.

website: https://adventiunnep.hu/en